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Alone At Last*

In 2003 Alone At Last* started their career
appearing at various (indie) music events in Bandung,
Indonesia. In less than one year the band succeeded in
winning the attention of rock music lovers with their hits
single: “Amarah Senyum dan Airmata” in Bandung,
Jakarta and other cities in Java Island, Indonesia. Their
popularity continued to expand and their circle of fans
now reaches across the Indonesian archipelago including
Bali, Medan (Sumartra), Banjarmasin (Borneo),
Makassar (Sulewesi) and other areas including Kuala
Lumpur (Malaysia) and Singapore. After such success 2
international clothing brands, Atticus and Macbeth,
haven‟t had any reservations about asking Alone At Last*
to become the main promoters of their products in

They have released 2 albums with Absolute
Records, Sendiri vs Dunia – EP (2004) and Jiwa (2008).
Alone At Last* have a core fan group concentrated in the
fast-paced, cosmopolitan music capital of Indonesia,
Bandung and in the other cities of Jakarta, Surabaya,
Jogja, Bali, Semarang, and Makasar. This network is
supported by and easily accessible to their management
network, the "Stand Alone Crew".

1. Sendiri VS Dunia - E.P [2004 / Absolute Records]
2. Jiwa [2008 / Absolute Records]
3. Takkan Terhenti Disini (2010 single)


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